What Can Friends Do?

It’s nerve-racking to figure out the right thing to do or to say when your friend is facing an unplanned pregnancy. But the most meaningful way you can support her is simply to be there.

    • Listen.
    • Keep calm.
    • Suggest help.

Let your friend speak when she wants, and calmly listen. She will be grateful for an open ear as she processes her emotions and the difficult choices ahead of her.

You, however, might rapidly feel overwhelmed if you’re her only resource. Remember that Horizon offers free, caring, and confidential help.

What Can Guys Do?

If you think your partner might be pregnant, you are probably worried and scared too.

    • Let her know she’s not alone.
    • Try to be sensitive.
    • Ask for help.

Try to clear your mind so that you can calmly listen to what she is saying and try to understand her feelings. Gather information about your options, and talk to family and friends you trust. Horizon is also here to listen and to provide caring, free, and confidential help to both of you.

What Can Family Do?

It can be shocking to find out that your daughter, niece, sister, granddaughter or cousin is pregnant. And once the shock wears off, you’ll probably experience a wide range of emotions. But this life-changing experience is an opportunity for you to make a huge difference in the life of someone you love.

    • Encourage her dreams.
    • Research pregnancy help centers.
    • Make sure she’s healthy.

Try to set aside your feelings so you can truly hear what your family member is saying. Observe her emotional and physical health as pregnancy affects her. Remind her that this is not the end of her future. You can be a positive voice for her dreams, even if those dreams are changing. Your family does not need to face this situation alone. Contact Horizon today for help.